The domain

The winery’s history begins in 1880 in Savigny-lès-Beaune. Since then many generations have followed, each contributing its own developments and knowledge to establish Domaine Bize as it is today.
  • 1880 In 1880, the great grandfather Simon Bize owned a few vineyard parcels. It was a difficult period in viticulture, as all of the work in the vines was done by hand.
  • 1918 In 1918, the grandfather, also named Simon Bize, assumed management of the winery, buying new vineyard parcels. With the help of a horse for plowing and new agricultural equipment, vineyard work became less tedious.
  • 1950 In 1950, the father Simon Bize undertook a decisive transformation of the domain. An excellent winemaker, he decided to bottle and sell his own wine, believing firmly in the importance of the relationship between ‘the winemaker and his/her clients.’ His savoir-faire permitted him to establish a client network of both private individuals and restaurateurs. The quality of his wine was recognized and appreciated by experts and connoisseurs.
  • 1972 In 1972, Patrick Bize further developed his father’s goals. He built a cuverie, expanded the barrel cellars, and bought new parcels to offer a new, more extensive range of wines.
  • 2013 2013 marked the passing of Patrick Bize. His wife Chisa, his sister Marielle, and the entire team carry on Patrick’s ever-present goal of pursuing quality through careful and exacting work in the vines, working in harmony with nature, and striving to ensure the domain’s future in a healthy environment.